Cubus was founded in 1996. Our focus is on music and theatre produced for TV and DVD as well as cinema-transmissions. Several productions have been internationally awarded.


Uffe Borgwardt

  • Born in Copenhagen 1969.
  • Bachelor of Forestry, Royal University of Agriculture.
  • Major of the Reserves, Royal Danish Life Guards.
  • Film producer from The Danish National Filmschool.
  • Key-board player, Rubin Grafnyx.
  • Director of classical orchestra music and arts for TV.
  • Director of Theatre shows, Ballet and Opera for DVD distribution.
  • Live transmissions of Opera and Ballet for Cinemas.
  • Developer of digital platforms exploiting the arts of the Royal Danish Theatre.
  • Producer, director.
  • Uffe left as owner in may 2022 due to a position as head of P2 in DR (Danish Broadcasting Association)


Peter Skjær Borgwardt

  • Born in Copenhagen 1941.
  • University degrees in music and Russian.
  • Opera singer education. The Royal Opera, Copenhagen.
  • Master in Jurisprudence, University of Copenhagen.
  • Adviser to the management, The Royal Danish Opera.
  • DR (Danish National Radio and TV Corporation) presenting classical music with a view to procuring new listeners.
  • 1978-99 With television as a producer, interviewer, director
    and head of music, DR Århus.
  • Innovated the TV-production organization in DR.
  • Several international and Danish prizes.
  • Director and owner, Cubus Film & TV.


Keith Warner, Artistic Director, The Royal Danish Opera.
“Our cooperation with Cubus Film has produced ‘The Copenhagen Ring’, that won us worldwide estimation as ‘DVD of the year’ in Grammophone. Following this success, our continued cooperation has confirmed and further cemented the special talent and dedication they have for capturing the strength in the art of opera, when translated to film”.

Francisco Negrin is a highly estimated Opera director.
“I am thrilled. I have never seen such a good opera video, and I have never been so happy to see my work transposed to video. Every shot, every edit enhances, understands, explains, and truly transposes every one of my theatrical ideas to a cinematic language. You find ways to tell the story via the screen even where the stage used to do it in purely thatrical ways and at the same time you manage to show what the theatrical language used was originally. Bravo! I want you to do all my shows”!

Ben Pateman,  Director of DVD, Decca Music Group.
“The combination of an unusual but coherent new production, high artistic standards on the stage and in the pit, a management that was welcoming and responsive and – not least – the quality of filming that Cubus was able to offer, made it an easy decision for Decca to offer DVD distribution for the ‘Copenhagen Ring’”.

Henrik Rørdam, Director, Dapaco Records.
“We have worked with Cubus Film on DVD-recordings over the last ten years, and the results have always fulfilled a high international standard”.

Kasper Holten, opera director, artistic Director, The Royal Danish Opera 2000-2011.
”When it comes to the actual phase of producing on stage, Cubus Film is an outstandingly excellent partner, due to a deep knowledge of classical music as well as a rare feeling for the TV-media and its possibilities. They succeed in delivering classical music and opera on screen in new and much more idiomatic ways for the screen. Uffe Borgwardt as director has in unique ways succeded in shaping a lively and associative storyline very loyal to the original concept on stage, but using the TV-media as an inspiration and an extra asset.
This to me is such a rare combination, that I don’t hesitate to pronounce Uffe Borgwardt the best TV-director of opera”.